Interview: Talking Terrahawks with Sequential 21

Just a quick update to point you in the direction of an interview I did with Gerry Anderson fansite Sequential 21, talking about writing the new Terrahawks comics for the Spectrum anthology.

I talk about my history with Gerry Anderson’s TV shows, my love of Terrahawks in particular and get into some non-spoilery nitty gritty about coming up with new stories for these beloved characters.

You can read the interview here:

Out today: my Clockwork Orange cover feature for Big Issue North

This week’s edition of Big Issue North (#1442, 25 July) features my cover feature on Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange and the author’s complicated relationship with his best known work following Stanley Kubrick’s notorious movie adaptation.


The article is based on original documents, letters and clippings from the Burgess Foundation, and includes a wonderful image of Burgess’ own paperback edition of Clockwork Orange from 1972, with the famous David Pelham minimalist cover, defaced by the author himself.

If you can buy a copy from a Big Issue North vendor, please do. Vendors are all homeless or vulnerably housed and every copy sold puts money directly in their pocket, and enables Big Life Trust to help them rebuild their lives. You can find your nearest vendor here.

However, the magazine is also available in select supermarkets such as Co-op, and digital copies are available direct from Issuu.

2022 Convention Appearances!

Would you like to see my face this year? My actual real life face? In actual real life? These are the currently confirmed conventions where you’ll be able to find me for the rest of 2022…

2 July

30-31 July
MegaCon Manchester

10 September
ICE Birmingham

29 October
Nottingham Comic Con

12-13 November
Thought Bubble