CLOSED HANDS is out now on Steam

CLOSED HANDS, the interactive fiction game I worked on with Passenger Games, is now available in a deluxe edition on Steam. The game will continue to be available on on a pay-what-you-want basis, but the Steam version comes with extras such as commentary from game director Dan Hett, a digital copy of the soundtrack, an ebook of the story and more.

CLOSED HANDS is a groundbreaking work of interactive fiction by PASSENGER, directed by Dan Hett. The game follows the deep intertwined stories of five people thrown together by their involvement in a fictional terror attack.

This sprawling story plays out through a combination of traditional interactive text, as well as explorable computer interfaces, conversations, IM’s, phonecalls and more. CLOSED HANDS is a fragmented and complex narrative, playable in any order, that tells the story of the lead-up and aftermath of the attack: some stories go forward in time, some backwards, and some both. Players can choose to follow a single narrative arc, or jump between perspectives to get the full picture of everything that happens to the city, and it’s inhabitants.

You can buy CLOSED HANDS here.

Explore the lives of five overlapping characters through interactive prose, IM messages, social media posts and more.

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